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We have shot and directed TV and mobile video in places most people dream of (e.g. backlot of Warner Brothers Studio). Our clients range from AT&T to the Yankees, with many smaller clients in between, like hospitals. We help Agencies on many levels: storyboard techniques that secure funding, set design, location scouting or affordable special effect solutions as well as animation of all kinds. Our post-production mastery hails from the perspective “we shoot the cut, we don’t cut the shoot”—including original music scoring as well. We’re also a SAG signatory (26+years) which means we can hire and pay any actor(s) in the business. If you understand casting and talent payment you know what this means. Needless to say, we are fully insured.

We’re expert at understanding highly regulatory industries and their unique concerns. Nobody is going to give you better outcomes or pricing. We’ll alter the course of monetizing video production for you, whether agency or client-direct. We can bring in-house the tremendous profit margins TV/video production can generate.

Social media and web video work is not a big budget media buy. Video content production budgets must adapt. Ours have. We know how to make the cheap digital camera look like Panavision. Plus, the backend analytics prove our work works.

Let us know the project you have in mind so we can put a reel together that’s just right for you. Our studio is on a rooftop in White Plains, NY, with space ideal for green screen work indoors as well as daylight.

Real people Reel
Real People Reel

Your greatest and most credible asset.

University Hospital Network
University Hospital Newark

Medical accuracy... all manner of compliance, clearances and licensing expertise.

SBH 150th Anniversary
SBH 150th Anniversary

SAG Talent and New Construction Capital Plan; used animation for optimized social media take. Cable had notorious star voiceover.

Production Tutorial for Accenture
Production Tutorial for Accenture

Their ask: How to go from videos to Films!

Start Special Effects
Special Effects

You can afford these. We’ll explain.

Storyboard Techniques
Storyboard Techniques

More valid now than ever.

Start ATT Shoot

Shooting at retail is a unique specialization.

Real people Reel
Location, Location, Location?

Looks like we’re in a hair salon but we were in our green screen studio.